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04 апреля 2012, 20:12:48
We'll use the official ingame online mode so you'll need a license game yes. If you want to participate be also aware that we've used the C.E.T-time in the schedule, and that in Russia it will be some hours later.
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04 апреля 2012, 18:52:14
Hello my Russian friends,

Like each year the PCM world cup is coming up around this period of the year. I didnt find where I could post this cause I dont understand Russian so I'll post it here:

It is time for the Pro Cycling Manager World Championships 2012. Pcmbenelux.com will organise it this year from April 23 until May 26. Subscriptions are opened from now till April 20 (C.E.T 23.59). We play every evening on 20.45 C.E.T a discipline.

If you would like to have some more information, you can have a look at our World Cup Board. If you are allready convinced and you would like to participate and maybe win some nice prices, you can subscribe in the subscription board. The official language of this World Cup is English. But if you do not speak it very well, you can also ask some questions in our 'other languages' board. This is a board that we have made where you can talk (: ask and answer questions) with your compatriots in your own language.

After the success of last years National Team World Cup, we will organise this concept again but with some new aspects. Every nation gets their own board where they can talk about the tactics they want to use. We also organise for the first time a National Team Road World Cup. In this World cup do you play with 3 or 4 compatriots who play with one rider against other nations. For more information about this National Team World Cup, visit our National Team World Cup board.

We wish you all a successful and pleasant World Championship and hopefully we can welcome some Russian players.

* Jenteke
* Psfreak
* Michiel910715
* Messi
* Job
* Evert